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An Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) is a legal document completed by the inventor that explains what was discovered or created or what scholarly work was created, who sponsored the work and whether such has been disclosed or is scheduled for publication or public presentation. For patentable inventions, the completed IDF should clearly indicate the new, useful, and non-obvious properties of the intellectual property (IP) over existing published materials. All creators of the IP should be listed in the IDF even if they are not university employees.

Intellectual property should be reported to the OTC as soon as a creator believes he/she has a new discovery, creation and/or invention, including software, by submitting a completed and signed Invention Disclosure Form.

Publicly disclosing the details of one’s intellectual property during a technical presentation in a public forum (seminar, conference, symposium, Grand Rounds) could affect patent protection. Creators are encouraged to contact OTC with any questions prior to any such presentation.

UT Health San Antonio Office of Technology Commercialization is pleased to introduce our new Inventor Portal.

  • Complete and submit invention disclosures online
  • View the status of invention disclosures submitted through the Inventor Portal
  • View a list and status of any agreements executed in relation to each disclosure
  • View a list and status of any patents/applications filed in relation to each disclosure

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After you submit your Invention Disclosure, a licensing specialist will meet with you to analyze the technology and market potential of your invention. He or she will develop a keen understanding of your research program and will create a plan to advance and commercialize your technology.

Depending on your needs, such a plan might include industry funding, IP management, accelerator funding, venture creation, transactional support, and/or guidance on policy and compliance.

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We analyze whether patent or copyright protection is possible and appropriate as well as identifying potentially competing technologies and potential licenses. Proper stewardship ensures your invention may be developed to its fullest capacity.

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We craft an effective strategy to commercialize your technology, finding the best match possible with licensees and investors.

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OTC will provide this document to the investigator that outlines the intellectual property and commercialization strategy recommended for your innovation/invention.

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Below are the possible paths towards further development of your technology.



We help you launch your new venture-ready startup or connect you with entrepreneurs.


We work with you to find the most appropriate Life Science Partner(s).


We negotiate and execute all licenses.

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