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At OTC, we are passionate about innovation.  Whether you are interested in sponsoring a research project, or perhaps initiating a long term strategic alliance with an investigator or a consortium, or maybe utilizing UTHSA investigators as part of a larger project with other institutions, OTC is here to assist in the navigation of our network.

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Sponsored research projects can be an efficient short-term method to risk-mitigate early stage projects of potential impact to allow the partner to make more informed decisions.  OTC can be a facilitator as well as work with our Office of Sponsored Projects.  Most sponsored project agreements have a defined length of time, an agreed research project along with intellectual property provisions to protect the parties.

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Whether it’s a strategic alliance with a laboratory or perhaps a consortium or multi-disciplinary approach of different scientific expertise from UTHSA science, we welcome the opportunity to help to provide the partner with potential solutions.  You should expect that OTC will be part of a well-managed alliance were we solution manage to break down the fences to allow the research to progress rapidly.  Our strategic research agreements are similar to those found in life science agreements with standard milestones/expectation with mutual risk sharing as well as reward defined.

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