image caption goes here Our Philosophy in Partnering

We believe that long term collaborations are essential for innovation to accelerate new projects, clinical trials and ultimately products to the patient.

Our approach in partnering is to arrive at a “Win” for the institution, industry, investigative team and most importantly, the patient. OTC seeks partnerships with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life science companies as well as non-profits that share our vision of urgency for the patient. OTC understands that our collaborative partners come with novel scientific problems. You will find that the breadth of experience at OTC will work with you to find a customized solution in the identification of our “assets”, which we believe is not solely our technology but our UTHSA innovators.

image caption goes here Working with the Office of Technology Commercialization

Steer through Opportunities


You will be paired with a business development specialist from OTC to guide you through the opportunities available to you. We will work to ensure your time is well spent focusing on effective solutions, by developing a deep understanding of your search requirements and making crucial connections in your area.

Set Up for Success


We understand that everyone has unique interests and needs. We work diligently to find a customized solution. We encourage you to connect with with us in one or more of the following ways:

Achieve Results


We know that harnessing innovation takes time, and we’re in it for the long haul. Ongoing collaboration allows us to work closely with you to strategically adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.

Ready to get started?

Connect with someone in our office to answer your questions or reach out for guidance: 210.562.4000 or email

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