The right approach to commercialization depends largely on the technology and its stage of development. When the time comes, you may ask:

“What opportunities are there to push my technology to patients?”


“How do I start a company?”

OTC has the expertise, resources and network connections to help your innovations reach their full potential. We strive to match your technology with the right licensees and investors. We will work with you to determine to best possible commercialization path for your technology.

Start a Company

Launching a new startup venture can be an opportunity that is extremely exciting and fulfilling. OTC will work with you to help analyze several factors to determine the most appropriate path for commercializing your technology. We have a variety of resources available to position you for success.

Partner with Industry

OTC can help you determine whether partnering with an existing company is the best path for commercializing your technology, perhaps via sponsored research. We have the expertise to negotiate terms to ensure a win for all parties involved: Win for the Inventor, the Industry, the Institution and the most critical, the patient.

Direct License

OTC performs all aspects of direct licensing with interested outside investors and/or companies. Your OTC Business Development manager (BDM) will help negotiate a formal license agreement with a partner (or partners) to maximize the commercialization impact of your technology. Your BDM will establish a long term relationship with the licensee, manage any changes to the license terms, ensuring the licensee is developing your invention to maximize its impact. We negotiate terms to share our “4 Win” Philosophy: Win for the Inventor, Win for the Industry/Investor, Win for the Institution, and especially a Win for the patient!

image caption goes here Available Technologies/License Opportunities

We invite you to search through our portal for technologies that align with your strategic focus in the medical product development area. In addition, if there is a specific expertise you are searching for that is not listed on our database, we may be able to assist in identifying the scientist for R&D collaboration.

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