UT Health San Antonio, Office of Technology Commercialization Internship Opportunity


TITLE: Biomedical Commercialization Analyst Internship


DESCRIPTION: The internship program provides an opportunity for highly motivated individuals to learn about the commercialization process of biomedical innovations created at UTHSCSA. Translational biomedical inventions include new ventures, licensing, and in some cases, targeted research and re-evaluation. Interns will analyze multiple technologies in the biomedical sciences ecosystem, determine the best next steps based on robust analysis of market potential/opportunities, patient impact measures, and intellectual property status, and assist with project-specific tasks aimed at the successful commercialization of new technologies. Interns will be able to engage regularly with skilled OTC staff, industry representatives, consultants, attorneys and key opinion leaders in a variety of areas, as well as faculty and clinician innovators at UTHSCSA for a unique, dynamic learning opportunity.


Commercialization Analyst

This position is designed for highly motivated individuals who are looking to apply their scientific knowledge in a business environment. The ideal candidate will dedicate part-time (5-10 hours/week) for an un-paid internship opportunity, compliant with federal funded NIH research employment under grants. A minimum commitment of six months is required, with the opportunity to renew at the applicant’s one year mark based on the needs and availability of the office.


Seeking skills in:

  • Strong research, data analysis and critical thinking
  • Strong technical writing and communication
  • Objective decision making
  • Passion for innovation


What is involved?

  • Analyze multiple technologies in the fields of translational biotechnology including therapeutics, biologics, medical devices, diagnostics, and software.
  • Determine market potential/opportunities and identify unmet needs in an industry.
  • Perform market research including market size, competition, trends & barriers to entry, and regulatory requirements.
  • Review prior art and evaluate intellectual property potential.
  • Identify and evaluate potential industry partners, including big pharma, small biotech and medical device companies, entrepreneurs, and investors.


What can we offer?

  • Experience in technology commercialization resources and analytics.
  • Exposure to exciting cutting-edge technologies.
  • Introductory education in regulatory obligations, intellectual property, and investment impact on the biotechnology industry and the path towards commercialization and ultimately, patient impact.
  • Insight into entrepreneurial resources and best practices for start-ups.


Who do I contact for questions?

  • Allan Jenkins – Project Coordinator, Office of Technology Commercialization
    • jenkinska@uthscsa.edu

Biomedical Commercialization Analyst Internship Application

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