Portfolio of Start-ups

Start-ups that have spinned out from licensed technologies invented at the university.

Admittance Technologies (2004)
Innovative electrical engineering solutions

Advanced Bio ProSthetic Surfaces Ltd (1999)
Palmaz cardiovascular stent

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Inc. (2014)
Developing innovative neuroprotection  therapies for traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussions, stroke, and neurodegenerative disorders 

Avox Systems Inc.  (1976) [Company acquired by Accriva]

Lightweight, battery-powered, portable blood analyzer, known as an oximeter, to measure oxygen, hemoglobin and other substances in blood and also useful for diagnosing problems, such as, heart defects.

Cardio Spectra (2005) [ Acquired by Volcano in 2007 for $25 million ]
Innovative Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging technology for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases

Cardiovate (2012)
Innovative devices for repair of cardiovascular conditions

Celebral Eidetics (2004)
Revoluntionary core-technology, image-guided, robotic transcranial magnetic stimulation (irTMS). irTMS is a "personalized medicine" individually mapping each patient's brain connectome with functional MRI to create an optimized treatment plan.

Echolase (2015)
Revolutionary acoustic sensor based on the patent pending probe beam deflection technology (PBDT),

Numira Biosciences (2005)

High resolution MicroCT small animal imaging services

Osteobiologics (1993) [ Acquired by Smith-Nephew in 2006 for $72.3 million ]
Innovative bioabsorbable bone graft substitutes (BGS) to repair cartilage defects in the knee

Paragonix Technologies (2010)
SherpaPakTM  transport systems for donor organ preservation and transportation

Rapamycin Holdings (2012)
Leveraging a platform of Rapamycin-related discoveries applicable to the veterinary and human markets. These discoveries could have dramatic implications in improving an individual's health-span and in fighting age-related medical conditions.

StemBioSys (2011)
Enabling innovative regenerative medicine solutions with the novel High Performance Microenvironment (HPMETM)  platform. Stem cell technologies for research and therapeutic pipelines

Vidacare (1998) [ Acquired by Teleflex in 2013 for $262.5 million ]
Patented power driver and needle system to access the intraosseous space for a variety of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Vidacare's proprietary devices are the recognized technology standard used in a broad range of applications including vascular access, emergency medicine, oncology, and spinal surgery.

Xenotope Diagnostics, Inc. (2001)
Develops novel solutions for global diseases through the implementation of its expertise in infectious disease research and unique discovery platform.